Where Are We

We are located between San Cipirello and Piana Degli Albanesi in the district of Monreale about 500m above sea level.

All products are certified organic even if I have been actively practising biodynamics since 2005.

The total extension of the vineyard is 6 Ha.


Trebbiano (grown around Cerasa from as early on as the 1400)


Cataratto (extralucido variety which is very delicate and hence rare variety)


Perricone ( species often unknown as it is has generally only been used for blending purposes)


Nerello Mascalese (primarily grownaround Etna, excellent when put together with the Perricone)


On the remaining 4Ha I grow ancient varieties of Sicilian grain, vegetables and a small pasture.

The taste of wine can only be unique and one of a kind if it is the full expression of the terroirs climate



Nicolas Joly


Apart from the use of the two preparations 500 and 501, It is fundamental to speak about soil management. I grow spontaneous green manure of essential herbs throughout autumn and winter, this is important in maintaining integral the structure of the soil.
In the spring I use a shredder in several passages in order to stimulate growth. As the temperatures start rising I start working the soil with a ripper that opens it without turning over the soil. The final pass is made with a harrow in order to bring more oxygen into the ground, prevent cracking and evaporation of the moist since we do not water the vines.

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Azienda Agricola Francesco Guccione

Contrada Cerasa SP 102bis km 5,100
Monreale (PA) Italia

P.iva 06128050827

Camera di commercio di Palermo REA  PA 301027