Natural Vinification

A natural vinification for me is to intervene the least amount possible, simply accompanying the natural transformation of the sugars to alcohol using only the indigenous yeasts present on the skin of the grapes, of the must to wine, preserving the natural bouquet of scents and flavours obtaining a wine as faithful to the vintage, terroir and the work in the vineyard.

I cannot convince myself of the use of mechanical grape harvesters for a successive natural process of winemaking



Francesco Guccione

Our Diciplinary

Respect of the natural fermentation process

1 – Exclusive use of indigenous yeasts.

2 – Enzymes, bacteria or other additives are banned.

Respect for the natural prosperity of the grapes: no cryo-extraction, deacidification or any form of super concentration (evaporation, reverse osmosis, etc.).


No modification to the natural balance of the must or the wine

No form of acidification or added sugars

- No clarification

- No sterile filtration

Exclusion of any kind of laboratory created yest strains

Exclusion of all kinds of flavorants (Powdered tannins, wood chips, etc. Are all forbidden).

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